Selune (pronounced seh-LOON-ay)is Goddess of the Moon. She is also known as the Lady of Silver and the Moon Maiden. Selune is venerated in as a goddess of light, and stars. Because of this, navigators and all forms of wanderers, celebrate her. Were creatures of a goodly nature worship her due to her relation to the moon.

But surprisingly, not that much is known about her. Despite the fact that she has been around for as long as Shar going all the way back to the creation of the world, she remains quite enigmatic.

What is known about her is this; along with her twin sister Shar, she created the world. Without Shar, she went on to create light to bring warmth to the world and the Heavens, and this enraged Shar. The two have been warring over creation ever since – Selune to bring about a world of light and healing, and Shar who seeks to erase the light completely.

Their conflict has brought many lesser gods and goddesses into being. The most notable of these was Mystryl, the original form of the Goddess of Magic, whose birth came about when Selune pierced Shar with some of [[Selune]’s own essence. This means on a practical level that Mystra is comprised of elements of both Selune and Shar, and Shar sees Mystra as an upstart stealing part of her domain.

Selune’s symbol is silver, a series of bright stars surrounding two open eyes.


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